Slovenia produced more food waste last year

Ljubljana – The average person in Slovenia threw away 68 kilograms of food last year, one kilogram more than in 2019, of which 40% was still edible. Households and foodstuffs trade generated more food waste, while food production and the catering and food service industries generated less, the Statistics Office data show.

Conflagration – The “domino” that burned 130,000 hectares of forest

The fire in Varybobi caused a catastrophe in Northern Evia. The salvation of Ancient Olympia led to the uncontrolled resurgence in Varybobi, the difficult containment of which increased the destruction in the Municipalities of Mantoudi and Istiaia. And the effort to reduce the burning areas in Limni, Kapandriti, and Gortynia increased the line of fire in Gythio and Melpeia, in Messinia.

EnviMin Tanczos: Blaze-hit waste incinerator in Brazi had its activity suspended since January

Eco Burn SRL, the waste incinerator based in Brazi, Prahova County, where a violent fire broke out this night, had its plant shut down since January due to the suspension of the company's activity, the Environment Ministry informs on its Facebook page after the visit of Minister Tanczos Barna to the site.

Environment Minister: Taxation can be a solution to curb pollution, full pledge decision needed

Taxation can be a solution for curbing pollution, and I believe that starting from 2022 we must commit to an unequivocal decision in this regard, Environment Minister Tanczos Barna said on Monday evening on broadcaster B1TV. "If we want to curb pollution we need to see what we can do about traffic, industrial and residential pollution, and about illegal, uncontrolled incineration.

Bulgaria after Flood Disaster: Tons of Urban Waste Clog Rivers across the Country

There is a very big problem in our country after the torrential rains which flooded a lot of regions across Bulgaria. And it's not about the dangerous high waters, it's about the thousands of tons of waste that rivers have dragged to the HPPs around the country. An eco-catastrophe is looming large, but this does not make an impression on the institutions at the moment.