Place of children with disabilities is together with other children

The Ministry of Labor and Social Justice (MMJS), through the National Authority for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Children and Adoptions (ANDPDCA), the Ministry of Education and Research and UNICEF launched on Thursday the public information campaign "We grow stronger when we grow together." One of the key messages of the campaign is that the place of children with disabilities is to

Bulgaria Still Failing Isolated Disabled Children: Report

A push to integrate children with disabilities in Bulgaria, taking them out of squalid and often isolated state institutions, has not led to significant change in the way they are cared for, while the conditions they live in still fall short of those required under international law, Disability Rights International, DRI, said in a report published on Thursday.

Nearly Half of Bulgarian Seventh Graders do not Believe their Classmates are Good People

A total of 44.7% of the 7th grade do not believe that their classmates are good people, according to a national representative survey in 100 schools across the country, conducted by the Center for Inclusive Education. The data were presented at the launch of the campaign Days of Inclusion 2019, which focuses public attention on challenges facing the Bulgarian school.

Bulgaria Presented to the United Nations Good Practices for the Inclusion of Young People at Risk

We would like to emphasize the essential role of developing competences and skills that enable young people to find meaningful work, actively participate as citizens in democratic societies and support their personal development.

Diversity can be a national resource for competitiveness

It is cognitive diversity (diversity of knowledge, experience and perspectives) above all else that leads to higher performance and creative innovation in problem-solving and predictive tasks. This is more important than ever in an era of automation. Crucially though, diversity must walk hand in hand with inclusion.