Income distribution

Around 4% of recipients will have to repay Covid-related state aid

Ljubljana – During the Covid-19 epidemic, companies received various forms of state aid. Some were not so badly affected and will now have to repay the received subsidies. According to an estimate by the Slovenian Financial Administration (FURS), this amounts to just under EUR 90 million, just over 4% of the total amount paid out.

LabMinTurcan: Minimum wage increase to be backed by business environment, or else we get to layoffs

The increase of the minimum wage must be done in accordance with the business environment, otherwise it will lead to layoffs and everything will turn against the people, Labour Minister Raluca Turcan said on Thursday in a press conference.

EconMin Nasui: Romanians wanting higher pay for their work not asking for privilege

Romanians who want higher pay for their work do not ask for any privilege, but only not to take half of their salary to pay all kinds of privileges for the politically connected, says Economy Minister Claudiu Nasui. "When it comes to leaving money to working Romanians, it is a budgetary problem.

Zero taxes on minimum wage in private sector to apply from Jan. 1, 2022

Tax exempting the minimum wage could be a solution for keeping the workforce in the country, and such measure will start on January 1, 2022 in a private sector, which could be the hospitality industry, Minister of the Economy Claudiu Nasui told a news conference on Wednesday. "The labour shortage has been an old problem of Romania, before the pandemic.

PSD's Ciolacu: One third of Romania's private sector employees, paid with minimum wage

One third of employees from the private sector of Romania benefit from minimum wage, declared, on Wednesday evening, for the private broadcaster Romania TV, the chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu. He manifested his concern that 1,700,000 Romanians are currently paid the minimum wage, and when they will retire they will have small pensions.

PM Citu: Decision regarding minimum wage, after discussions with entrepreneurs and unions

Prime Minister Florin Citu stated on Tuesday that a decision regarding an eventual increase of the minimum wage may be taken only following discussions with entrepreneurs and unions, remarking at the same time that in the past years, in Romania, there has been a "larger dynamic" of growth. "It's a three-part discussion and we will see what the evolution of the minimum wage is.

Partial wage subsidy for furloughed workers extended into May

Ljubljana – Partial wage subsidy for furloughed workers has been extended into May. This is a measure to reduce the risk of companies deciding to lay off workers as they face a reduced demand or negative shocks in productivity related to the Covid-19 epidemic, the government has said.