Income distribution

Athens Chamber of Commerce: Increase of minimum wage with reduction of non-wage costs

Moving in the right direction is the increase of the minimum wage, as it strengthens the income of the low paid and at the same time can "breathe life" in to the market, as noted in a statement by the president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Giannis Chatzitheodosiou.

New minimum wage close to 703 – 710 euros

High expectations for the increase of the minimum wage, which may even exceed 6%, are cultivated by the government, while the process has entered its final stage with the Centre of Planning and Economic Research-KEPE today, Friday 15 April, to deliver to the Minister of Labor the conclusions of the dialogue between scientific and social actors.

Bulgaria: Minimum Wage becomes EUR 363 from Today

As of today - April 1, the minimum wage in the country is BGN 710 (EUR 363). According to the decree of the Council of Ministers, the minimum hourly rate is BGN 4 leva and 29 cents, which at working hours of eight hours in a 5-day working week makes BGN 710 a month.

Its increase is nearly 10% compared to the previous minimum wage of BGN 650.

EU ministers agree to uplift minimum wages

EU ministers on Dec. 6 agreed on measures to better protect wage levels in Europe and give workers more power to oppose low pay.

While the proposal does not set an EU-wide minimum wage, once confirmed it would mark a significant step in promoting the European social model, especially in eastern European countries where salaries are low.

Around 4% of recipients will have to repay Covid-related state aid

Ljubljana – During the Covid-19 epidemic, companies received various forms of state aid. Some were not so badly affected and will now have to repay the received subsidies. According to an estimate by the Slovenian Financial Administration (FURS), this amounts to just under EUR 90 million, just over 4% of the total amount paid out.