Independence of Kosovo

Cover-Up Claims Shadow Unsolved Murder of Kosovo Serb Politician

Three years ago, on January 16, when unknown perpetrators fired six bullets into the body of Kosovo Serb opposition party leader Oliver Ivanovic in front of his office in the town of Mitrovica, people in Serbia and Kosovo were stunned, while Western diplomats feared that the murder of another politician in the Balkans could end the fragile dialogue to normalise relations between Belgrade and Pr

Hoti threatened Serbia

He pointed out that this will happen if the dialogue process does not end with an agreement on mutual recognition.
After a meeting with political representatives of Albanians from the south of central Serbia, Hoti said that Pristina has the right to retaliate against Belgrade for every measure that, as it claims, Belgrade applies, Voice of America reports.

Message to Pristina: "You will face many surprises, positive for the Serbian people"

He also said that if they apply for membership in international organizations, big surprises will await them.
On the announcement of the politicians from Pristina that they will submit a request for membership in international organizations, he said:

Serbia-Affiliated Power Company Eyes Supplying North Kosovo

The Kosovo Energy Regulatory Office, ERO, confirmed on Monday that after analysing an application from Drustvo Elektrosever to supply power to Serb-run northern Kosovo, a commission will submit the final decision to the board.

"The review of an application may last up to 60 days since the day when the application is considered complete," ERO cautioned BIRN.

Five countries will be urged to recognize Kosovo

The draft was prepared by the EP Rapporteur for Kosovo, Viola von Cramon-Taubadel in the Foreign Policy Committee.
According to the document, the invitation is not new, because the European Parliament is still the only EU institution that treats Kosovo as a state and asks member states to recognize Kosovo's citizenship, Radio Free Europe in Albanian reports.