The earthquake in Zagreb destroyed walls and roofs VIDEO / PHOTO

The epicenter of the earthquake was seven kilometers north of Zagreb at a depth of ten kilometers. first announced that an earthquake had killed a 15-year-old child. An ambulance took to the field but the child showed no signs of life. However, the latest information is that the child is alive and doctors are fighting for her life.

German reporting on Croatian Public Service (HRT): Atmosphere resembling North Korea

The author of the report is German journalist Grit Eggerickx, who arrived in Croatia through an exchange of journalists program to deal with environmental issues, but soon noticed that the very way HRT works, including its censorship, represents an interesting topic, reports.

Croatian Journalist Fined for ‘Anti-Police’ Twitter Message

Gordan Duhacek, a journalist from Croatian website, was fined around 100 euros at Zagreb's Misdemeanour Court on Monday for posted a Twitter message in July last year, which discussed police treatment of arrested people and contained the anti-police acronym 'ACAB' ('All Coppers are Bastards').

Croatian capital to build 3.5-meter tall Tudjman statue

The mayor of Croatia's capital Zagreb, Milan Bandic, has signed a contract to design a 3.5-meter tall statue of former Croatian President Franjo Tudjman.

"The statue will be installed in the meadow on the corner of Grada Vukovara and Hrvatske Bratske Zajednice streets," Bandic announced, reported.

Pedestrian manhandled, handcuffed for crossing against light

A policeman in Osijek, Croatia "threw a middle-aged woman onto the concrete and handcuffed her" for crossing the street against a red light.

This has been reported by the Croatian website, which noted the incident happened on Thursday morning, "and caused a good deal of attention among citizens."