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The Police Arrested a Commander from Islamic State in Special Operation in Sofia (Video)

A Bulgarian citizen of Syrian origin, who was involved with the formation of Islamic State, was detained in Sofia in a special operation by GDBOP and DANS on September 29, the state indictment service announced today. A total of two men and one woman are in constant detention win connection with two offenses - illegal production and distribution of tobacco for hookah and terrorism.

The Prosecutor's Office has Commissioned a Check on the Safety of Food Offered to Students

The Supreme Administrative Prosecutor's Office (SAP) reaacted on publications in the media about drinks and foods consumed by schoolchildren containing health hazards or environmental pollutants, the prosecution said, reported by 

Bulgarian Experts Propose to Ban Smoking of Hookah by Under 18 Years of Age

Experts from several Bulgarian ministries propose the smoking of hookah to be banned for people under 18 years of age, reported the Bulgarian National Television.

Svetlana Yordanova, Deputy Minister of Health says that smoking of hookah, according to the opinion of experts, is more harmful than cigarette smoking.

Herbs with narcotic effects put in hookahs in Turkey: Association head

A number of herb types with narcotic effects are being put in hookahs, according to the head of the Turkish Thoracic Society. 

Speaking at the association's 20th congress, Prof. Ali Fuat Kalyoncu said tobacco is often being mixed with herbs such as opium when hookah is served.