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Mystery: Woman Found on Inaccessible Island and Doesn't Know How She Got There

An unidentified woman was found on a hard-to-reach Croatian island, international agencies reported. She is conscious, but cannot say who she is and how she got there.

On September 12, the woman was spotted on the island of Krk by a boatman who alerted police.

Russian ambassador's response to the pure "fabrication" of Cedomir Jovanovic

It should be reiterated that Jovanovi confirmed that he canceled the security that was assigned to him by the police 20 years ago, out of revolt, because the police had previously informed him that they will cancel the security for his children.
Jovanovic also said that he was shocked by such a decision.

India Arrested Civil Activist Related to Greta Thunberg's Movement Fighting against Farming Reforms

On Monday Police took Disha Ravi to the capital from her home in the southern city of Bengaluru to question her over the accusation that she disseminated the document during the months-long protest on the outskirts of Delhi.