Industrial gases

Advent of hydrogen in flights

When Advent won an international business competition in Athens in 2006, few would have predicted that the company - a spin-off of the Research & Technology Foundation and the University of Patras - would become the protagonist in hydrogen technology.

Less power, lower emissions: Improving AC technology

With air conditioner demand surging, scientists are looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of cooling systems and limit damaging emissions that accelerate global warming.

Innovation is focused on three major fronts, with much of the attention on energy consumption. Air conditioning units account for 6 percent of electricity used in the United States.

Deflation in Bulgaria for the First Time this year

For the first time in the last two years, the National Statistical Institute reported deflation. It is only 0.1% in May compared to April. For the last time, and only once in June, deflation was reported in June 2021.

On an annual basis, however, inflation remains in double digits and is 10.1%. Food prices continue to rise.

Nicosia eyes shipping corridor for gas exports

Cyprus wants to establish itself as a gateway from East Mediterranean gas resources to Europe via a shipping corridor of LNG carriers, its president said on Monday. 

Cyprus' new centrist government, which came to power in February, has cooled to the idea championed by its predecessors of an "EastMed" pipeline transferring gas to Europe. 

Nicosia resolute on gas plans

Cyprus' minister of energy, George Papanastasiou, has affirmed Nicosia's commitment to proceed with its plans for transporting natural gas from the region, both for domestic electricity generation and for liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, despite geopolitical reactions.