Woman with Covid-19 who gave birth gets the all-clear

The first woman in Greece to give birth while being infected with the new coronavirus was discharged from an Athens hospital on Friday, after two Covid-19 tests came back negative.

The 24-year-old mother and her baby boy, who remained for two weeks in isolation in the Attikon General Hospital, are healthy and can go home, state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported.

Virus kills 33-year-old Turkish woman

A 33-year-old woman, Dilek Tahtalı, has become one of latest victims of the coronavirus in Turkey.

Tathalı, who worked as administrative personnel at a private hospital in Istanbul, had been admitted to a public healthcare institution with high fever and fatigue.

She had been suffering from rheumatic disease since her childhood and was on medication.

How to Recognise COVID-19?

1. COVID-19 continues to be a flu-like virus with a symptom complex fully covered by the flu combination for the year. The virus is distinguishable from the flu strain by test only. There are basically three differences. The new virus has an average incubation period of 8 days, with influenza being 2 days.

Ministry of Education and Science: Students are Released from School Attendance

The students were released from school attendance at places where no flu vacations were announced, the education ministry said. Whether children go to classrooms is at the discretion of the parents.

This is due to exceptional circumstances with the development of coronavirus morbidity and the prevention of its spread.

Next two months critical; we need to flatten the curve

The next two months will be critical. We will remember them for the rest of our lives. I would like to offer a few pieces of information, under the burden of my professional capacity as a statistician who is working in crisis modelling and simulation, and the additional burden of the dearth of data that we have for this new virus.