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Bulgarian Professor: Vaccinated Should Be Very Careful Between First and Second Shot

After the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and before the second dose, the immunized should be protected from re-infection.

This is what Prof. Radka Argirova, President of the Bulgarian Society of Medical Virology, commented this week on the TV + and TV1.

WHO head for Serbia: I'm afraid that epidemic end is far away

He told RTS that he was afraid the end of the epidemic was far away.
Ivanusa added the vaccination had started worldwide, and that that brings hope.
"About 50 countries have started vaccination so far. The largest number of vaccines per 100 people was consumed in Israel, and in Spain only one vaccine per 100 people," Ivanusa said.

Three inactive vaccines ready for human testing, says Turkish Health Minister

Turkey's health minister announced early on Jan. 6 that three inactive COVID-19 vaccine candidates are ready for human trials. 

Fahrettin Koca said 17 different COVID-19 vaccine candidates are currently being developed in Turkey, and among them, "three of our candidate vaccines have applied to the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency for starting testing on humans."

Medical technician infected with coronavirus after receiving the vaccine

Matthew V., 45, a San Diego medical technician, received the "Pfizer" coronavirus vaccine on December 18, and the only side effect he developed was irritation at the place of application. Six days later, after a shift in the COVID clinic, Matthew felt fever, muscle aches and fatigue.
The test showed that he was positive for coronavirus. This scenario is not unusual, experts claim.

Bulgarian Scientist: Vaccine Does not Automatically Return the Previous Way of Life

Just because we already have vaccines doesn't automatically mean we can go back to our previous way of life. We still don't know how long the effect of the vaccine will last. We need more time to find answers to these questions, and we must not put health at risk. This was stated to the Bulgarian National Radio by Prof.

Doctor: Worrying that in Bulgaria Chronically Ill and The Elderly Are Put Behind in the Vaccination Plan

We are following with concern the fact that the chronically ill and the elderly are ranked further in the vaccination plan. This was stated to BNR by Dr. Stanimir Hasardjiev, chairman of the National Patient Organization.

"I'm ready" VIDEO

"According to the plan that has been made, the most endangered are clearly defined - they are health workers, then all those who are employed in nursing homes, and then the users of nursing homes themselves," Kon said.
He said that now there is a coordination team for immunization.