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EC Experts Join Efforts to Halt Spread of African Swine Fever in Bulgaria

Veterinary experts from the European Commission arrive in Bulgaria on July 23. The inspectors check whether the measures taken by our country against the spread of African swine fever are adequate and timely.

Outbreaks of the African swine fever have been found in more than ten regions in Bulgaria.

State of Emergency Declared in Rousse District over African Swine Fever

State of emergency has been declared on July 23 on the territory of Bulgaria's Rousse District (northern Bulgaria) in relation to the spread of African swine fever after the infection has entered one of the largest pig farms in the area. The business is pushing for stricter measures and state help to counteract the problem.

The EC Sends Experts to Bulgaria Due to the African Swine Fever

Representatives of the emergency veterinary team of the European Commission will be in Bulgaria from tomorrow to 25 July to assess the situation with the distribution of African swine fever in domestic and wild pigs in Bulgaria, announced the Bulgarian National Television by the European Commission.


First Industrial Farm Hit by African Swine Fever in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Food Safety Agency on Saturday confirmed the first outbreak of African swine fever in an industrial farm in the country.

A total of about 17,000 pigs are fattened in the farm, which is located in the village of Nikolovo near Danube River in Ruse Region, the agency said in a statement.

EU Agriculture Ministers Discussed the Situation with African Swine Fever

The Agriculture Ministers of the Member States in the European Union (EU) discussed the situation with the African swine fever (ASF) disease in Bulgaria. This happened during yesterday's Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting in Brussels. The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva focuses on additional food control measures that cross the borders.

Dr. Miroslav Parvanov: African Swine Fever is Becoming a Global Problem

The Association of Industrial Swine Breeding and the Association of Swine Breeders convened a meeting with journalists on the occasion of the growing disease of African swine fever and the consequences for the sector.

According to official data, 99% of pigs in Bulgaria are growing in industrial pig farms.

Outbreaks of African Swine Fever Can Bring Significant Damages to Bulgaria

Five villages are affected by outbreaks of African swine fever in domestic swines. The infected animals are 51. This is one of the most significant diseases, which can bring significant damage to Bulgaria, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Associate Professor Dr. Yanko Ivanov in the studio of BNT1.

Strict Measures to Protect Bulgaria from an African Swine Fever

We must implement preventive measures very strictly, if we want to protect the country from an African swine fever epidemic, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva told journalists in the parliament, in reference to the outbreak in Pleven, FOCUS News Agency reports.