Influenza A virus subtype H1N1

Six more deaths from coronavirus confirmed; "Emergency measures can be re-introduced"

Two men and four women have died from COVID-19, bringing death toll to 185, with a mortality rate of 2.01 percent.
5.906 people were tested, and 196 samples turned back positive.
A total number of COVID-19 cases was 9.205, while 1.379 patients have recovered so far.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Serbia, a total of 91.551 people were tested.

Trump speculates that China released virus in lab 'mistake'

President Donald Trump has speculated that China could have unleashed the coronavirus on the world due to some kind of horrible "mistake," and his intelligence agencies said they are still examining a notion put forward by the president and aides that the pandemic may have resulted from an accident at a Chinese lab.