A Greek woman at the helm of the International Association of Information Systems

The election of Professor Nancy Pouloudi as President of the International Association of Information Systems is of great value for the Greek scientific community and the Athens University of Economics and Business. Ms. Pouloudi is Chair of the Department of Management Science and Technology at the University of Economics and Business.

EU Media Freedom Act: Pressganged

European media in general has been facing a dual threat for over a decade. On one side there are the illiberal governments, especially in Central and Southeast Europe, using increasingly sophisticated means to defenestrate the independent media, while on the other side are the tech giants eating into the traditional media's business.

New Record for the Number of Journalists Worldwide that are Behind Bars

The number of journalists around the world behind bars has reached its highest level in 2021, according to a new study by the non-profit organization Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ), Reuters reported. The report states that as of December 1 this year, 293 reporters are in prison.

Small shareholder association boss found guilty of insider trading in retrial

Ljubljana – The Ljubljana Local Court has sentenced Kristjan Verbič, the president of the Pan-Slovenian Association of Small Shareholders (VZMD), to a suspended prison sentence for insider trading in 2007, the newspaper Delo reported. Verbič already got an eight-month suspended sentence in 2017.

Turkey's economic confidence in August hits 3-year high

Turkey's economic confidence index hit a 39-month high of 100.8 this August, the country's statistical institute said on Aug. 27. 


Chiefly driven by the services and construction confidence indices, the main reading improved 0.7% from July, Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) data showed.

Record workload for Information Commissioner in 2020

Ljubljana – The Office of the Information Commissioner received a record number of applications, complaints and queries last year, according to the annual report submitted to the National Assembly.

A total of 565 complaints were received, and the number of requests for opinion rose by almost a third due to high demand for information about spending on public health measures.

In COVID-19 Fight, Free Speech Becomes Collateral Damage

"After I confirmed it with my sources, I reported the situation", Can, who at the time worked for the local Izmir newspaper Iz Gazete, told BIRN.

Pressed to name his sources, Can refused. Hours of questioning resulted in a charge of spreading fake news and causing panic. The case was dropped several months later, but Can's chilling experience was far from a one-off.