Political scapegoating

Whenever things get tough, the Greek government appears to start looking for phantom enemies to pin the blame on.

As bank shares plunged earlier this week, the leftist-led administration sought to put the blame on foreign news media and Greece's conservative opposition.

Police probe claims that boy, 15, found hanged on balcony was victim of bullying

Police in Attica are investigating claims that a 15-year-old boy found hanged on the balcony of his family home in Argyroupoli, southern Athens, on Sunday morning, had been a victim of bullying at school.

According to police sources, the boy left a note explaining that he could not face continuing with his life due to the bullying.

Losing control

The situation with groups of rampaging anarchists smashing public and private property, with the senseless graffiti that seems to have left no building in the center of Athens untouched, and with the bullying tactics of sundry activists claiming to represent certain social causes has breached all limits of acceptability.