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Turkey fines WhatsApp $235,000 over data breach

Turkey on Sept. 3 joined a host of other countries in fining Facebook's ubiquitous WhatsApp messaging service for failing to sufficiently protect user data.


The 1,950,000-lira ($235,000, 200,000-euro) penalty was imposed after months of confusion over whether WhatsApp had introduced its controversial new data-sharing rules in Turkey.

New WhatsApp privacy policy to go unimplemented in Turkey


WhatsApp has informed Turkey that its controversial new data-sharing rules will not come into effect in the country, the Turkish competition watchdog said on May 21.

The Competition Authority said it had been informed by WhatsApp that it would not implement a messaging app update in Turkey allowing it and owner Facebook Inc to collect certain user data.

WhatsApp Coming to Its End?

According to Sensor tower WhatsApp application saw a 43% drop in downloads compared to last year, while over the same period its direct rivals such as Signal or Telegram jumped to 1,200% (yes 1.200%).

Much of that bump may be due to the Facebook scandals, the final formalization of the integration between the capital "F" and WhatsApp.