Insurance industry

ZAD BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP has been Awarded the Highest Recognition on the Insurance Market in Bulgaria

ZAD BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP has been awarded the highest recognition on the insurance market in Bulgaria, during the 10th anniversary edition of the prestigious competition organized by the VUZF University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship, the Association of Bulgarian Insurers, the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies, Prof. Dr.

The Unemployed Owe Monthly 20.40 BGN for Health Insurance Contributions

From 1 January 2018, people who make their statutory healthcare contributions (for example, long-term unemployed who do not receive unemployment benefit and are not insured by the state, etc.) and are not registered as self-employed within the meaning of the Social Security Code , owed monthly BGN 20.40, the NRA reported.

Only 6% of Bulgarians Decided to Use the Opportunity to Take Out Their Insurance Online

Only 6% of Bulgarians have taken the opportunity to take out their insurance online. This became  clear from a sociological survey of the online insurance platform 24ins to increase consumer confidence in insurance and insurance products.