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All Institutions in Bulgaria Dealing with Road Safety will be Consolidated into a Single Unit

Sofia. All institutions dealing with road safety will be consolidated into a single unit with control functions. This transpired from the words of Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev at a press briefing in the Council of Ministers after a meeting with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, Focus News Agency reports.

The Interior Minister: Bulgaria is Perhaps the most Secure Place on the Balkans

Bulgaria is stable and perhaps the most secure place on the Balkans. The responsibilities and requirements of the people at the Ministry of Interior are great. This is what Interior Minister Valentin Radev said at the celebrations marking the 139th anniversary of the creation of the Interior Ministry.

Young Family was Found Dead in Plovdiv

A young family was found dead in their home in a block of flats in Plovdiv, the Ministry of Interior announced.

The bodies of Radi and Iliana Enevi were discovered after neighbors called the police about their child who had been crying all night long and their parents' voices were not heard. The signal was filed at 16:20 on Thursday at 112 Emergency.

CVM board convenes to discuss preparations for EC's next progress report

Preparations for the next European Commission's evaluation mission under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism (MCV) that reports on Romania's progress with judiciary reform and the fight against corruption were the objective of a meeting of the CVM board at the headquarters of the Justice Ministry (MJ).

Foreign Ministry takes over one-year chairmanship of National Committee on International Humanitarian Law

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Friday took over the chairmanship of the National Committee on International Humanitarian Law (CNDIU) from its predecessor at the committee's helm, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Foreign Ministry said in a release.

Secretary of State Dan Neculaescu will serve as CNDIU chairman.

A Man's Body was Found in Front of a Restaurant in Plovdiv

A man about 60 years old was found dead in a parking lot at a restaurant on Tsar Boris III Obedinitel Blvd in Plovdiv.

This was announced by the spokesman of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, FOCUS News Agency reported.

The signal for a helpless man is filed after 09.15. The on-arrival medical team found he was already dead.