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Analysts predict that North Macedonia may Fall Behind in EU Membership Negotiations

A political crisis in the Republic of North Macedonia after debates on constitutional changes ended inconclusively and a vote on them was postponed indefinitely. MPs in Skopje debated whether to change their basic law, including whether Bulgarians should be included in the constitution. According to analysts, North Macedonia risks seriously falling behind in negotiations with the EU.

Towards the EU: North Macedonia starts the Debate for including Bulgarians in the Constitution

With 70 votes "for", 47 "against" and not a single "abstention", the Macedonian deputies adopted the agenda of their 123rd meeting with a single item - the changes to include Bulgarians in the constitution, which should open the way to negotiations with the European Union.

Party Games? In North Macedonia, Judges’ Promotions Depend on ‘Connections’

Wanted: excellent social climbing skills

"You failed with VMRO and you failed with the SDSM." This is what a judge from Skopje was told by people close to her, referring to North Macedonia's two main parties, VMRO-DPMNE and the Social Democrats.

The Chairman and Secretary of the Closed Bulgarian Club in Bitola will receive Bulgarian Citizenship

The chairman and secretary of the "Ivan Mihailov" Bulgarian cultural center in Bitola, closed by the authorities in North Macedonia, will receive Bulgarian citizenship. President Rumen Radev will present Bulgarian passports to Lyubcho Georgievski and Blagoi Shatorov at a ceremony in the "Coat of Arms" Hall of "Dondukov" 2 street.

North Macedonia Slates ‘Scandalous’ Bulgarian Push for Role in Constitutional Change

As North Macedonia gears up for an important constitutional change, to include Bulgarians in the preamble as a constitutive people and so avoid repeated Bulgarian EU blockades, it has condemned a Bulgarian request to be "included" in the process as "scandalous".

Bulgaria’s MFA condemned the Decision of North Macedonia to Erase a Bulgarian Association

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) defined as unprincipled and tendentious the decision of the authorities in North Macedonia to erase from the central register the Bulgarian association "Ivan Mihailov" Cultural Center in Bitola.