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The Outsourcing Sector Accounts for 2.4% of the Country's Labor Market

The outsourced industry is among the best employers in Bulgaria. The outsourcing sector in Bulgaria accounts for 2.4% of the country's labor market, employing more than 67,300 people, and by 2021 their number is expected to exceed 79,000 people. This shows the data from the last annual report on the development of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association's industry, quoted by

Deal between coalition and Left marked by welfare-oriented measures

While the framework cooperation agreement, which led to the Left indirectly backing the appointment of the new cabinet last September, will remain only initialled for now, the plan for 2019 is proceeding from initials to signatures as a key vote on the 2019 budget is due on Wednesday.

For 2 Years, the Registered Growth of Foreign Direct Investment Exceeds BGN 1 billion

For two years, the registered growth of foreign direct investment exceeds BGN 1 billion. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy Alexander Manolev during a forum "Europe and Business: Economy, Youth Entrepreneurship and Cross-Border Cooperation" organized by Entrepreneurs - GERB in Rousse.

How Greece can attract enhanced foreign capital inflows

In our age of globalization and economic interdependence, attracting foreign direct investment is vital for a country's economy. FDI helps create jobs, stimulate growth, boost competitiveness and revenues, facilitate the transfer of technology and know-how, and enhance innovation.
As Greece strengthens its external business links FDI becomes ever more important for the country.

IMF: Serbia alone received over half of region's FDIs

The rest is split between "the other five economies," according to an IMF working paper titled Foreign Direct Investment in New Member States of the EU and Western Balkans, Tanjug has reported.

The WB region shows a similar profile in terms of the dominance of services sector and large countries, the report noted.