International development

European markets enjoy the most investor confidence

This year's edition of the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index is titled Glass half full. It finds that while business executives are increasingly worried about the negative effects of politics, they are nevertheless optimistic with regards to the global economy and the opportunities that foreign direct investments bring.

G7: Germany delays Greek debt deal (video)

The IMF has not changed its stance regarding its participation in the Greek program, an official with knowledge of talks between Greece and its creditors on the matter in Washington, Brussels and Berlin told protothema. The source said that there were signs of concession in an effort between the parties involved to reach a compromise that would solve the deadlock.

IMF on board for Greek bailout, says Slovak finance minister

It looks like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will take part in the financing of Greece's third bailout, Slovakia's finance minister Peter Kazimir said at the EBRD's annual meeting in Nicosia on Wednesday.

"It seems to me that yes, finally [the IMF will provide funding to Greece]. We have to congratulate Christine Lagarde that she managed to convince the IMF," he said.

Berlin eyes compromise with IMF, report says

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble is eyeing a compromise with the International Monetary Fund over Greek debt relief ahead of federal elections in September, Die Welt newspaper reported over the weekend.

According to the report, Schaeuble has asked ministry officials to outline a possible agreement with the Washington-based Fund on Greek debt restructuring.