International law

The United States has Excluded 47 Goods from the List of Chinese Products Subject to Customs Duties

The United States has temporarily excluded 47 goods from the list of Chinese products subject to customs duties, which was announced in September 2018, TASS reports.

This is stated in a statement published in the electronic database of the US Federal Register (a collection of official documents of the US Government). The exceptions will apply until 7 August 2020.

Ignoring the reality of the migration crisis

The government has responded to intensifying demands to ease the pressure on the five eastern Aegean islands that are on the front line of the migration/refugee crisis by creating new detention facilities. It has responded to the demand for the immediate transfer of tens of thousands of asylum seekers to facilities on the mainland by planning to put them behind walls on the islands.

The lesson of violence

There is no distinction between symbolic and actual violence. There can be no legitimate intimidation.

The link between "symbolic" and bloody terrorism has been proven many times in Greece. That is why the condemnation of such acts must be unanimous and unequivocal.

Greek police arrest seven suspected of attacks on migrants

Greek police arrested seven people and were searching for another two on suspicion of planning or carrying out attacks on migrants on the island of Lesvos, authorities said Friday.

Police said five Greeks and two foreigners between the ages of 17 and 24 were arrested on Thursday night outside the Moria migrant camp, the largest camp for asylum-seekers in the Greek islands.