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Exodus: Surge in Russian Asylum Seekers Floods South Korea

The influx of Russian asylum seekers into South Korea has skyrocketed, with authorities reporting an unprecedented surge in applications last year, according to CNN.

The Korean Immigration Service revealed a staggering fivefold increase in Russian nationals seeking asylum in South Korea in 2023, totaling 5,750 applicants, a stark rise from the 1,038 applicants recorded in 2022.

Fifty migrants to return to their country after failed asylum requests

Fifty foreign nationals - 40 Pakistanis and 10 Georgians - will be returned to their country of origin after their asylum requests were rejected, Greece's Migration Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The requests that were examined had been submitted in the last 48 hours at the Amygdaleza predeparture centre. 

Austrian Officers to Assist Document Checks at Bucharest Airport Following Schengen Entry

Romania's Schengen accession on March 31 brings about notable changes at Bucharest's Henri Coanda International Airport as Austrian officers will collaborate with Romanian counterparts in passport and document scrutiny. The collaboration aims to enhance border security and streamline identity verification processes for travelers entering the Schengen zone.