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Bosnian War Crimes Denial Ban Causes Trial Postponement

A hearing in the trial of four former Bosnian Serb police officers accused of persecuting Bosniak civilians in the Vlasenica area during wartime was postponed on Wednesday because defence lawyers said they did not know how far they could go in defending their clients in light of legislative changes banning the denial of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Approximately 174,200 people cross border points in last 24 hours

Approximately 174,200 people, Romanian and foreign citizens, with over 41,800 means of transportation (of which 9,900 trucks) have presented themselves to carry out their formalities at the border crossing points nationwide, in the last 24 hours, according to a press release sent by the General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF) to AGERPRES on Monday.

Bosnia’s High Representative Imposes Genocide Denial Ban

Valentin Inzko announced on Friday that he has imposed an amendment to Bosnia and Herzegovina's criminal code to outlaw the public denial, condoning, trivialisation or justification of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes when this is done in a way that is "likely to incite to violence or hatred".

UK Court’s Extradition Ruling Lays Bare Romanian Judiciary Failings

In rejecting a Romanian extradition request for a fugitive tycoon, the UK High Court questioned the "fairness" of his original conviction and the integrity of the judge, pointing a finger at what experts say are endemic shortcomings in the Romanian judicial system.

What applies to Kosovo does not apply to Crimea

"The persistence, I can say, and the stubbornness with which the West is introducing its 'rules' is astonishing. It is clear that there is a domestic political context - we need to show voters that they are cool guys in foreign policy towards 'authoritarian opponents' ahead of another election cycle (they are in the US every two years, they should succeed)," Lavrov said.

Bulgarian Customs Officers Will Renounce Right of Banking Secrecy during Service

At its regular meeting the caretaker government adopted new rules of procedure of the Customs Agency.

 The document reduces the planned staff numbers and restructures the administrative units in the Central Customs Administration (CMC) within the total number of the agency's staff.

Greece says migrants in Turkey could seek asylum there

Greece on June 7 announced that applications for asylum filed by individuals in Turkey will no longer be accepted. 

"Turkey is designated a safe country for asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia," said a joint decision by the Greek Foreign Ministry as well as the Migration and Asylum Ministry.