International Organization for Migration

More than 29,000 Migrants headed for Europe have Died since 2014

More than 29,000 people have died on migration routes to Europe since 2014, and 5,000 migrants have died in the last two years alone, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said in a report published yesterday.

The IOM warned of "increasing deaths along migration routes across the Mediterranean, along land borders to Europe and within the continent".

Deputy Minister slams Greece’s claims on pushing forward migrants

Turkish Deputy Interior Minister has slammed Greek minister for his allegations about the country forcing 92 migrants to cross into Greece and stripping them naked before doing so.

"Since you could not find a single human rights case in Türkiye, you are trying to reveal the image of your persecution as if it happened in Türkiye," İsmail Çataklı said in a social media post.

UN: At Least Five Europe-bound Migrants Drowned Near to Libyan Coast

At least five people, including a woman and a child, drowned when a boat carrying at least 45 Europe-bound migrants capsized off Libya, a U.N. migration official said on Monday. The wreck was the latest disaster in the Mediterranean Sea involving migrants seeking a better life in Europe.

IOM creates two new safe zones for children refugees in two camps

The International Organization of Migration (IOM) said on Monday it had set up two new safe zones for unaccompanied minors inside the migrant camps of Vagiohori, east of Thessaloniki, and Filipiada, northwest of Arta.

These areas provide educational and creative activities, sports and transportation where needed, aiming at the children's eventual integration into local societies.

Bosnia to Return Migrants to Bihac Despite Opposition

About 1,000 migrants and refugees who have lingered at the site of the burned camp will now over-winter in what was formerly the largest migrant centre in Bosnia.

The decision concludes a several-day search for solutions to the emergency situation that arose after migrants torched the Lipa camp as it was about to close.