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Picturesque Greek doors inspire Washington photo show

The Greek Embassy in Washington, DC, is unveiling an exhibition of photographs by Dody Tsiantar, a journalist and retired adjunct professor at Columbia University Journalism School.

"Glimpses of Greece: Door Portraits," comprises a collection of shots taken by Tsiantar on her cellphone camera while traveling around the country.

Lobster pasta in troubled times

I don't know if you've noticed, but lobster pasta seems to be back on the menu in many places, back in vogue. The question is whether this means that we're also back to the good old days of abundance. Growth is good for the country and its citizens. Growth generates wealth and this should be the goal.

New tourism target-markets ‘bringing additional revenue to the Greek economy’

The high performance as well as the very good prospects of the current tourist season were confirmed by the data released by Greece's Civil Aviation Service on passenger traffic at the country's airports in the first quarter of 2023, with Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias underlining in a tweet on Thursday that "new target-markets are bringing additional revenue to the Greek economy."

Western partners to push for solutions in Greek-Turkish relations

The recent statements of foreign officials in the previous days, with the most indicative interventions of Jens Ploetner, diplomatic adviser to the German chancellor, and George Tsunis, US ambassador in Athens, have reinforced the general realization that after the elections in Greece and Turkey, Athens' main Western partners will push toward a direction of discussions for the resolution of the