International recognition of Kosovo

Haradinaj: If we do that, I assure you that we will get recognition of independence

In an interview for KTV, he said that "statements of the leaders of political parties, their positions, even different from those in public and in closed meetings," make Kosovo "seem inferior to Serbia."
According to him, Serbia is doing everything to enfeeble Kosovo, while local Kosovo leaders do the same on their part.

The Serbian Ambassador Summoned by Foreign Ministry after Comments towards Bulgarian PM

At the request of Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva, the ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Bulgaria will be called on Monday at the Foreign Ministry. The reason is the comment of the Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic in the words of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in Poznan.

"Solution to all our problems stands in the recognition of Kosovo's independence"

In the interview for portal KoSSev, Haradinaj assessed that Prishtina-Belgrade dialogue wasn't going in the right direction and that its resumption required a framework which he saw in mutual recognition without divisions or annexation as "the solution to all our problems".