International recognition of Kosovo

The Spanish condition fulfilled

Since Spain does not recognize the so-called Kosovo, there will be no symbols of the so-called Kosovo on the Summit.
As it was announced, Sanchez will travel to Ljubljana for a meeting of European Union leaders ahead of the summit to be held with representatives of the Western Balkans.

Spain reacted because of Kosovo - set a condition

According to the Spanish newspaper Periodico, since Spain does not recognize Kosovo, there will be no symbols of Kosovo, reports Ekonomija online.
As it was announced, Sanchez will travel to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, tomorrow, to attend the meeting of the leaders of the European Union before the summit with the representatives of the Western Balkans.

Serbia’s Threat to Balkan Security Requires Coordinated Response

What remains unclear is what can be done about it. 

Joint declaration denouncing Serbia's irredentist aims

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic (C), Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama (L) and North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev (R) shake hands after the press conference. Photo: EPA-EFE/ANDREJ CUKIC.

"We call on Serbia to withdraw its armed forces"

They also called on Serbia to work on an urgent de-escalation of the situation
The press release points out that Albania is particularly concerned about "the deployment of Serbian armed forces near the border with Kosovo and military planes flying near and above Kosovo's airspace, which encourages individuals to provoke unrest and violence, as well as to destabilize Kosovo."

Kosovo-Serbia Recognition Disputes to Resume as Moratorium Ends

A year after US President Donald Trump held a signing ceremony that saw Kosovo agreeing to suspend its efforts to join international organisations for 12 months and Serbia agreeing to temporarily halt its counter-efforts to get countries to derecognise Kosovo, the agreed timeframe is over and both sides are expected to resume their campaigns.