International relations

Israel will Not Give Missiles to Ukraine despite US Pressure

Israel has rejected a US request to allow Berlin to supply Ukraine with anti-tank missiles developed in Israel, US and Israeli officials told Axios.

The missiles, which are made in Germany and would be transferred to Kyiv by the German government, were manufactured using Israeli technology. According to the license, Israel must approve any transfer of missiles to a third country.

Russia has allowed Gas Supplies to Gazprom Germany for 90 days

The Russian government has authorized the temporary lifting of "mirror sanctions" and allowed for 90 days the flow of natural gas supplies from Yamal LNG to Gazprom Marketing & Trading Singapore Ltd, which is part of Gazprom Germany, shows a government decree on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

Ukraine will Not Make Territorial Concessions in the Name of Peace with Russia

Russian forces have shelled more than 40 cities in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region, the Ukrainian military said, threatening to close the last major escape route for trapped civilians on their four-month invasion. In his traditional evening video address, President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated that Ukraine will not cede its territory to Russia.

Ukrainian forces target several cities; Large number of children killed? New decision

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the soldiers who were wounded during the special military operation in Ukraine in the military hospital in Moscow. Putin promised that soldiers who risked their lives during the special operation would be rewarded.
Vladimir Zelensky wants to talk directly to Putin - without intermediaries.

Czech Protest Group Fights Dictators with Papier-Mache Monsters

Grotesque, crude and clearly insulting, the puppets are designed to grab attention and burst despotic bubbles. Meanwhile, Central European populists serving Moscow and Beijing's interests, like Czech President Milos Zeman and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, metamorphosise into giant slugs eating the lettuce leaf of democracy.

The EC is Proposing to Confiscate the Assets of Violators of EU Sanctions

The European Commission is proposing to confiscate the assets and property of violators of EU sanctions. This is stated in a statement issued by the EC in Brussels.

"Today, the European Commission has proposed that violations of EU restrictive measures be included in the EU's list of crimes," the statement said.