International relations

Stoltenberg: NATO and the US to Strengthen their Presence in the Arctic

"NATO and the US should increase their presence in the Arctic amid increased Russian military activity in the region". This is what NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in a comment to Welt am Sonntag.

"NATO must strengthen its presence in the Arctic", believes the Secretary General of the Alliance, without specifying what he means.

The beginning of a disaster? The nuclear plant in Zaporozhye was hit

Ukrainians are targeting a warehouse located in Zaporozhye, Russian media reports.
Every day, the media write about how the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye is at risk of an attack.
Four missiles fell near the storage of radioactive isotopes, announced the authorities of Energodar, near which the atomic power plant is located, reports RIA Novosti.

US warns Moscow not to divert power from Ukraine nuclear plant

Washington on Thursday warned Russia against diverting energy from a nuclear plant Kiev says was cut off from its grid, as calls for an independent inspection of the facility mount.

Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is under occupation by Moscow's troops and was disconnected from the national power supply on Thursday, the state energy operator said.

"IAEA is very close to sending an urgent safety mission to Zaporizhzhia power plant"

IAEA's sending an urgent safety mission to Zaporizhzhia power plant was announced by the general director of that agency, Rafael Grossi, for TV France 24.
"We are very, very close to it," Grossi said when asked if the negotiations on gaining access to the facility were successful, and if so, the mission of the UN agency will start within a few days, Reuters reports.

Greece harassed its jets during NATO mission: Türkiye

Ankara has lodged a complaint with NATO after its jets conducting a NATO mission in the eastern Mediterranean were harassed by Greek warplanes.

Sources from the Defense Ministry informed that the incident took place in the eastern Mediterranean as the Greek jetfighters put the Turkish F-16s under a radar lock during their NATO mission.