International relations

If Putin loses, a chain reaction starts

Liana Fix, a fellow for Europe at Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), and Michael Kimmage, a history professor at the Catholic University of America and a senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, discuss the current status of the war in Ukraine, assessing the strategies that Russia, Ukraine and the West are pursuing.

A Serb Association in Kosovo Would Threaten Integration and Peace

In the meantime, however, Kosovars have had to learn that this is more like the famous carrot in front of the donkey's mouth. Confidence in improvement and belief in EU support in the integration process have suffered greatly in recent years since little has changed for Kosovo in the international arena.

Direct threat: Do not provoke, it will erupt in an hour... Open war

The comments come amid speculation about Washington's possible involvement in a recent drone attack on an Iranian military factory.
"Using the military option at any level means US entering into war," Tehran's permanent mission to the UN told Newsweek on Monday. Iran currently considers such a possibility to be weak, according to the statement.

How smart are the robots getting?

Franz Broseph seemed like any other Diplomacy player to Claes de Graaff. The handle was a joke - Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I reborn as an online bro - but that was the kind of humor that people who play Diplomacy tend to enjoy. The game is a classic, beloved by the likes of John F.

The end of the war. Kyiv and Moscow are negotiating? Several options are on the table

When both Moscow and Kyiv begin to believe that they will no longer be able to achieve a better result on the battlefield, the leaders of Ukraine and Russia, wherever they are, will have to meet and agree on a mutually acceptable solution, which will make both sides feel better than continuing the war.