International sanctions during the Ukrainian crisis

President Radev Still Relies on Trump, Putin Reaching Agreement on Sanctions

President Rumen Radev continues to rely that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will reach an agreement on the easing of sanctions against Russia and, according to him, this will be the determining factor regarding the stance of Bulgaria and the EU on this issue.

Suddeutsche Zeitung: Berlin blames Kiev for deteriorating situation in Donbass

BELGRADE - Kiev could be deliberately increasing tensions in Donbass, Germany's Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper wrote citing its sources in the German government.

"Berlin believes that Poroshenko is determined to do almost everything to prevent the lifting of sanctions against Russia," the newspaper said.

Radev: It Is Positive That Trump Is No Slave to Political Prejudices

In an interview for French channel France 24, President-elect Rumen Radev commented on several issues that he deemed important for Bulgaria and the world.

With respect to the election of Donald Trump, Radev pointed out that the positive thing about Trump is that "he is not a slave to political prejudices".

"Serbia has no intention of joining anti-Russia sanctions"

Serbia's Ambassador to Russian Slavenko Terzic said on Monday his country does not intend to join anti-Russia sanctions.

"Our position is principled and consistent. Serbia is neither getting ready to, nor is it ready to join EU's sanctions against Russia," Terzic said in Moscow, Sputnik has reported.