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Editorial: The scandal and the conspiracy

Former PM Alexis Tsipras told Parliament that his alternate justice minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos has been turned into a scapegoat.

He believes the Novartis scandal was properly handled legally and morally and that there is no indication of a conspiracy or manipulation of the judiciary.

Δείτε ακόμη: Μητσοτάκης - Θα προκαταβάλλεται το επίδομα θέρμανσης

Battling the forces of inertia

If there was one thing that the local and international establishment admired about the former SYRIZA government, it was that it was capable of implementing tough and unpopular measures without generating any meaningful reaction. In some cases leftist officials took care of sensitive issues without making a blip on the radar.

Editorial: Multiple responsibilities for the shame of Moria

The latest tragedy in Moria did not come out of the blue. \

It was well nigh unavoidable since everyone knew that a camp that was designed to house 3,000 people now has 13,000 people living there.

Φυλακές : Απειθαρχία, υπερπληθυσμός και υποστελέχωση τα προβλήματα στις φυλακές

Clearly the situation is out of control after the recent hike in refugee and migrant flows.

Editorial: The Novartis scandal and parliament’s responsibility

There can be no doubt that the very real Novartis scandal was never really investigated in depth but instead was used to slander and politically annihilate a number of politicians whom the previous government viewed as enemies.

Undoubtedly the leadership of SYRIZA exploited the baseless charges to target these particular individuals.