Internet access

Greek schools to get faster internet

Public schools in Greece will get faster internet service, the Education and Digital Governance ministries said Monday, announcing a program to convert existing ADSL lines to VDSL.
About 1.37 million students and 142,000 teachers at 11,400 schools across the country are expected to benefit from the changes.

Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture Will Present The First Strategy For Digitalization of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture will present the first strategy for the digitization of agriculture in Bulgaria, reported

By 2020, the European budget will allocate more than EUR 100 million to this end in the Community.

Finland and Bulgaria Remain only Two Countries not Violating Network Neutrality Principles

There are only two countries in Europe - Finland and Bulgaria, where there are no violations of the network neutrality principles, according to the Report on network neutrality in Europe published by Austrian data protection NGO

Greeks switch to even faster internet connections

The market of new-generation fixed-line broadband internet connections has finally started moving in Greece.

According to the statistics of the National Commission for Telecommunications and Post (EETT), up to the summer of 2018 some 2,700 connections were installed concerning speeds of 100 megabits per second (Mbps) or more.

From $ 1.27 to $ 1849: How Much Does it Cost to Use Internet Around the World in Comparison with Bulgaria?

A new study from research group M-Laband has examined ISPs and 3,303 packages from 195 countries across the world to produce a comparison of fixed line broadband prices, which reveals that the average monthly cost of internet access is cheapest in the Ukraine ( USD), while the UK ranks only 61st (.58), according to