Internet culture

Study shows 37 percent of teens addicted to internet

A couple of youngsters check their smartphones while sitting on the steps at Syntagma Square in central Athens. A new study has found that 37 percent of teenagers demonstrated signs of internet addiction in 2019, compared to 13 percent in 2013. Meanwhile, more than 30 percent said they suffered online harassment in 2019, up from 20 percent in 2013.

Eurostat: Bulgaria on the Last Place in the EU in Terms of Internet Usage

In 2019, 87% of people aged 16-74 in the European Union (EU) reported they had used the internet during the previous three months. This share ranged from 98% in Sweden to 68% in Bulgaria, Eurostat data showed.

Internet use has grown rapidly over the years - in 2007 it stood at 57% and in 2013 at 75%.

8-Year-Old Boy is the Highest Paid YouTube Star According to Forbes

An eight-year-old Texas boy tops Forbes magazine's highest-paid YouTube star list, Sky News reported.
Ryan Kaji has been named by Forbes as the platform's highest earner in 2019 for the second consecutive year, with earnings rising from $ 22 million last year to $ 26 million.

Europeans Publish 597 Selfies Every Year

The selfie remains one of the most preferred features on smartphones, according to a new survey of the global smartphone brand HONOR. The study makes interesting discoveries about self-culture in Europe. According to it, selfie's popularity continues to grow, with 85% of Europeans saying they are taking more selfies than ever before.