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Fake News Spreads Faster and Deeper Than Verified Stories

''Fake news spreads faster and deeper'', said software expert Dr. Preslav Nakov.

''Disinformation, together with demographic knowledge is very dangerous because it can influence people's choices. Especially in social networks there must be a balance between fake news and freedom of speech'', he said.

"Education most effective way to fight fake news"

According to Forbes, this is the world's best technology conference with more than 70,000 participants, the Serbian government said.

At this gathering, where directors and founders of technology companies, start-ups, representatives of governments, international institutions and media participate, Brnabic is representing Serbia in two panels.

"Two major Chinese tech companies coming to Serbia"

The Serbian president made this statement on Monday in Moscow, where he traveled for a meeting on Tuesday with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

"I am awaiting with great impatience a meeting with Chinese state representatives in order to be able to inform you of this in a more serious and more detailed manner," Vucic told reporters.

The right decision

The approval by the European Parliament of the much-discussed European Copyright Directive according to which major internet companies will have to pay to content providers for copyright and related rights, is the right decision. 

Gallup: 34% of Bulgarians have seen Fake News in the Last Week

34 per cent of Bulgarians say they have seen fake news or news the content of which they believe is untrue in the last week of July. This is equivalent to 1 million and 800 thousand adult Bulgarians. This conclusion is made in an express drill of Gallup International, held between 30 July and 1 August.

Acropolis closes due to heat, reopens with free entry

A young woman takes a selfie from the Areopagus rock with the Acropolis in the background yesterday. The Greek capital's foremost historical site was closed at 2 p.m. yesterday, as on Sunday, to protect visitors and staff from extreme high temperatures. It opened again a few hours later, however, offering free admission to hundreds of visitors. [Yiannis Kolesidis/ANA-MPA]

Digital News Report: Romanians, interested in discerning between fake and true news

Most Romanians are interested in discerning between fake and true news online, says Raluca Radu, PhD, manager of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the University of Bucharest, coordinator of the European Media Monitor in Romania and rapporteur for Romania of the Digital News Report (DNR) 2018.