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Competition Council's Chiritoiu: Don't believe gov't approach to make money from 5G auction is best

The government wants to make money from the 5G auction and I don't believe it's the best approach, because it would be important to have good services at affordable prices, the president of the Competition Council, Bogdan Chiritoiu, said on Thursday. "The Romanian government, which has been different every year, has told us that it wants to hold a 5G auction.

Telemach rolling out 5G network

Ljubljana – Having acquired frequencies for wireless broadband in a national auction, the telecommunications provider Telemach is launching its 5G network on Tuesday, initially making it available to users in the centre of Ljubljana and the commercial district BTC.

US, Albania, Welcome Agreement on ‘Trustworthy’ 5G

Albania is the latest country to join the queue in the region for reliable 4G and 5G networks after Prime Minister Edi Rama signed a memorandum with the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Brussels on Sunday.

Without explicitly mentioning the Chinese giant, the agreement likely excludes China's Huawei from the competition.

Bill on implementation of 5G networks clears Senate, as decision-making body

The Senate plenum, acting as decision-making body, adopted today by a vote of 117 to 13 (the Alliance for the Unity of Romanians) and one abstention the bill initiated by the government regarding measures for IT and communications infrastructures of national interest and the requirements for the implementation of 5G networks.

Dragos Preda: EU Cybersecurity Center must adopt zero-trust security model

The European Cybersecurity Center must use the zero-trust concept, which is imperative and highly topical in cybersecurity, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Dragos Preda told a debate on digitization today. "The zero-trust concept implies total distrust, permanent verification.

Telecom companies sign contracts for launch of 5G network

Greece's telecoms watchdog, the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT), on Wednesday signed contracts with the country's three major telecoms providers Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind for the use of the 700MHz, 2GHz, 3400-3800 MHz and 26 GHz radio frequency band widths, which pave the way for a 5G network.