Internet of Things

Within Two Years there will be a 5G Mobile Network in Bulgaria

Within two years in Bulgaria there will be a 5G mobile network. The new technology will reduce the Internet connection's latency and the speed will be over 10 times higher than the 4G network, NT reported.

5G will allow the development of future technologies - related mobility, digital medicine and intelligent factories.

The EU and the US are Discussing Cooperation in New Technologies

US and EU delegations discussed their cooperation on new technologies, including the development of the new 5G mobile communication format, the US State Department said on Thursday.

According to the information, the next round of talks in the bilateral dialogue on digital format cooperation took place on 1 February.

Bill Gates Bought a Large Plot of Land in Arizona to Build a Smart City of the Future (Video)

One of the Investment Companies, owned by Bill Gates, made USD 80 million worth of investment in land which is 45 minutes away from Phoenix, Arizona. It is a desert location with the conditional name Belmont, which in the future will become an innovative city of the future, reports kaldata. 

Athens joins the international club of smart cities

When we hear the term "smart city," we tend to think of some sort of place in a science-fiction movie, such as Spike Jonze's "Her." Smart lights, smart parking, smart applications, buses that fly and citizens with a permanent smile on their faces. Something far from the reality we live in today. But we do have technology already available to us today that drastically improves daily city life.

GE, Gama Energy sign deal to operate first digital power plant in Turkey

GE and Gama Energy have signed an agreement to operate the first digital power plant in Turkey, they said in a statement on Feb. 8.

This deal marks the first use of industrial cloud software applications in a power plant in Turkey to improve efficiency and productivity, according to the statement.