Internet of Things

Sustainability and mobile technologies

Mobile technologies have penetrated into our lives immensely. We have become so hooked on to our mobile phones that we cannot think about leaving home without our devices.  For many of us living in the more developed parts of the world, it is a social need more than anything, something like an addiction. But for the majority of the world's population, mobile technologies signify more.

Cyber attacks cripple Twitter, Netflix, and other websites

Cyber attacks pounded the underpinnings of the internet on Oct. 21, crippling Twitter, Netflix and other major websites with the help of once-dumb devices made smart with online connections.

Waves of attacks incapacitated a crucial piece of internet infrastructure, hampering or outright blocking access to popular online venues.

Four for 2015

It is that time of the year when everybody lists trends. I should not miss this opportunity to write about the future either. Out of all of the lists that I read, I think the most accurate is Gartner's. They have listed top 10 technologies for 2015, but I believe these four are the real game changers.

Computing everywhere