Greece thrashes Jordan ahead of World Cup in China

NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the rest of the Greek national team were in action on Saturday as part of the 2019 Suzhou International Basketball Challenge in China. Greece thrashed Jordan 92-65 in a game that took place ahead of the FIBA World Cup that kicks off in China next Saturday. Antetokounmpo scored 13 points, behind Giorgos Printezis with 17 points.

I Love My Market | Piraeus | May 4

The Greek capital's wholesale market at Rendi near Piraeus is hosting a special event to celebrate the people that work there, shop there and live nearby. "I Love My Market" will include pop-up restaurants and street food trucks, concerts and DJ sets, clothing swaps, bazaars and more. Doors open at 5 p.m. and admission is free of charge.

Thessaloniki mayor objects to schoolchildren in military parade

Just a few days before Ochi Day, which commemorates the rejection by Greek leader Ioannis Metaxas on October 28, 1940 of Mussolini's demand for access to Greek territory, propelling Greece into World War II, Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris expressed his opposition to the traditional parade by schoolchildren held in Greek cities to mark the anniversary.

On the occasion of Ochi Day

Just after the Hellenic Navy light cruiser Elli was torpedoed on August 15, 1940, Ioannis Metaxas called a meeting of high-ranking officials and announced that Greece had come under attack from the Italians and was prepared, if necessary, to go to war.

One in three Greeks pay “fakelaki” to doctors of state hospitals

Greek daily Kathimerini reports that one in three Greeks pays a fakelaki (“little envelope filled with undeclared money”) for treatment at state hospitals. Leandros Rakintzis revealed that these under-the-table payments may range from 200 eros for giving birth to over 5,000 euros for complicated surgeries.