Iran–United States relations

US confiscates Iran oil cargo on Greek-managed tanker amid Tehran tensions

The US confiscated Iranian oil on a tanker at sea in recent days in a sanctions enforcement operation, three sources said, and days later Iran seized another oil-laden tanker in retaliation, according to a maritime security firm.

The vessel is managed by Greece-based Empire Navigation.

Supreme Court: Iran sanctions-evasion case against Halkbank to proceed

Expert Jonathan Schanzer, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies' Senior Vice President for Research, joins Thanos Davelis to look into the Supreme Court decision this week that the Turkish state-owned Halkbank remains subject to criminal prosecution in US courts for conspiring to evade US sanctions against Iran.

The Iran wildcard

Late last month, as part of its monitoring of Iran's nuclear program, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported trace amounts of uranium at 84% enrichment. That's important, because 90% enrichment is required to produce a nuclear weapon.

Direct threat: Do not provoke, it will erupt in an hour... Open war

The comments come amid speculation about Washington's possible involvement in a recent drone attack on an Iranian military factory.
"Using the military option at any level means US entering into war," Tehran's permanent mission to the UN told Newsweek on Monday. Iran currently considers such a possibility to be weak, according to the statement.

Top US Treasury official to warn UAE, Turkey over sanctions evasion

The US Treasury Department's top sanctions official on a trip to Turkey and the Middle East next week will warn countries and businesses that they could lose US market access if they do business with entities subject to US curbs as Washington cracks down on Russian attempts to evade sanctions imposed over its war in Ukraine.