Iran–Israel relations

Calls for calm after reported Israeli strike on Iran

People visit the Si-o-Se Pol Bridge in Iran's central city of Isfahan on April 19, 2024. World leaders appealed for calm on April 19 after reported Israeli retaliation against Iran, added to months of tense spillover from the war in Gaza, with Iranian state media reporting explosions in the central province of Isfahan.

Israel bombs Gaza as Middle East tense after Iranian attack

Israel launched more deadly strikes on besieged Gaza on Thursday as world powers watched nervously whether the country would retaliate against a weekend attack by its arch enemy Iran.

The Israeli army said it had bombed dozens of targets in the Palestinian coastal territory of 2.4 million people, more than six months into the bloodiest ever Gaza war.

Israel Weighs Response as Allies Urge Restraint After Iranian Attack

Israel's military cabinet convened to deliberate on a response following Iran's recent drone and missile onslaught, marking a historic escalation in tensions. While Israel remains tight-lipped on its decision, global allies implore caution in Benjamin Netanyahu's administration's next move.

Israel Thwarted the Iranian Attack, 99% of Missiles and Drones Intercepted

In Israel has successfully foiled an unprecedented direct attack by Iran, marking a significant escalation in tensions in the region. Sirens blared across Israel as explosions reverberated in key cities during the initial wave of Iran's drone strike, targeting locations including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Dimona.

Israeli Foreign Minister Threatens Direct Strike on Iran

Israel's foreign minister, Israel Katz, issued a stark warning to Iran, asserting that Israel would retaliate with a direct military strike if attacked from Iranian territory. The threat comes amidst escalating tensions between the two nations following a recent airstrike on Iran's consulate in Syria, which claimed the lives of several high-ranking Iranian officials.

Israel threatens to strike Iran directly if Iran launches attack

Israel's foreign minister threatened yesterday that its country's forces would strike Iran directly if the Islamic Republic launched an attack from its territory against Israel, as tensions between the rival powers flare following the killings of Iranian generals in a blast at the Iranian consulate in Syria.