Iraqi insurgency

US Conducts Strike, Kills Hezbollah Commander in Iraq

The United States has confirmed conducting a targeted strike on Iraqi soil, resulting in the death of a senior commander from the Shiite group "Kataib Hezbollah." The strike, carried out in response to attacks on US military personnel in the region, occurred at 21:30 local time, according to a statement released by the US Armed Forces Central Command (CENTCOM) on social media.

Türkiye, US freeze assets of 2 terror financiers

Türkiye and the United States have slapped sanctions on two people believed to have raised money for two extremist groups operating in Syria, the countries have announced.

The announcement followed another joint move by Washington and Ankara four months ago, when they sanctioned a network of people and companies accused of helping deliver funds to ISIL.

Türkiye, US jointly freeze assets of ISIL affiliates

Türkiye and the United States decided to take joint action on freezing the assets of five individuals and two legal persons identified as financing the ISIL, the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced on Jan.5.

Further information on the matter can be obtained from a published decision by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance, said the statement.