PASOK to hold congress Nov. 23-24

PASOK, Greece's once-dominant socialist party, will hold an extraordinary party congress at the Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF) in Neo Faliro on November 23 and 24, the party's congress organizing committee said.
Works will open at 5 p.m. on Saturday with an address by party leader Fofi Gennimata and conclude on Sunday at 6 p.m.

With EU incapacitated and US discredited, idea on unification with Albania disturbing

The facts that the EU is incapacitated by the drama surrounding Brexit, and that the discredited US administration no longer acts as an anchor of stability in the Balkans, make the victory of Albanian nationalists in Pristina even more explosive and meaningful, Lendvai said.

Famed composer Mikis Theodorakis issues impassioned plea for Greek-Turkish understanding

"Though due to my age I have withdrawn fro public affairs, the interview two days ago of Turkish-Cypriot leader Akinci with Ta Nea forces me to marshal my forces and speak again,» said famed composer and left-wing icon Mikis Theodorakis in an opinion piece that was widely discussed