Water’s circular economy project making headway on three islands

Greece is taking a lead in developing a circular economy through the European Union-funded Hydrousa project, a scientific program aimed at the extraction of water from unconventional sources to be used for irrigation and even for human consumption on the country's islands. It is now moving on from the designing stage to licensing.

Cyprus at risk of becoming a desert island

A toxic combination of decreasing rainfall, the abandonment of rural areas and an increase in water consumption over the past few decades has resulted in more than half the island of Cyprus being in immediate danger of desertification. Just 1.5 percent of the land area - the ridge of the Troodos mountain range - is not deemed to be at any such risk.

Nemo’s Garden (VIDEO)

Under eight metres of water close to Italy’s Ligurian coast, what look like giant jellyfish are tethered to the seabed.

Sergio Gamberini, the entrepreneur who designed these striking biospheres, thinks they may offer one answer to feeding the world’s growing population.

Former Executive Director of Irrigation Systems EAD Charged with Malfeasance in Office

The Prosecuting Magistracy charged former executive director of Irrigation Systems EAD Dimitar Ivanov with inflicting BGN 2,986,355  detriment on the state-owned company resulting from the conclusion of four disadvantageous contracts for legal services between November 2013 and November 2014, and embezzling BGN 6,056  in the form of a mobile handset and two laptop computers.

Frozen Lake Plastiras from above (video)

Located in the region of Karditsa in Thessaly, Lake Plastira is an artificial lake. The water mass is fed by Tavropos River. The lake, which holds 400 million cubic metres of fresh water, was allegedly conceived by General Nikos Plastiras in 1952. It is mainly used for water irrigation and as a power source. After the recent cold spell of weather the water turned into a frozen lake.