Balkan Muslims Find Second Pandemic Ramadan a Challenge

Mass prayers, iftar dinners - breaking the daily fast - and family and neighbourhood gatherings are essential parts of Ramadan, besides other events such as concerts, fairs and conferences.

Finally, in Eid al-Fitr, known also in the Balkans as Ramazan Bajram, believers come together to celebrate the end of the holy month.

Russian ambassador’s killer secret FETÖ member: Court verdict

A Turkish court on April 18 concluded its reasoned decision on the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Ankara Andrey Karlov.

In a detailed verdict, the court reasoned that Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, an off-duty police officer who killed the ambassador in 2016 at a time of the reconciliation of Turkish-Russian relations, was a secret member of FETÖ.

Turkish appeals court overturns rulings on journalists

Turkey's Supreme Court of Appeals on April 14 overturned a decision on journalists Ahmet Altan and Nazli Ilıcak, who were given jail time for links to the FETÖ.

Ilıcak had been sentenced to eight years and nine months and Altan had gotten 10 years and six months in prison for aiding the terror group, which was behind the 2016 defeated coup in Turkey

Miners have Ramadan’s first ‘sahur’ 250 meters underground

The holy fasting month of Ramadan has begun with Muslims from all over the world observing the fast under the shadow of the pandemic.

Turkish miners in the Black Sea province of Zonguldak have also marked the start of Ramadan by having a "sahur," a pre-dawn meal before starting the fast, 250 meters below ground.