Arlette David | Athens | May 15

Dr Arlette David, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and member of Israel's Institute of Archaeology, will deliver a lecture on "Akhenaten's and Nefertiti's Monotheism: What the Images Reveal," at the Iconic Center. The lecture, which will be in English, is organized by the university, together with the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology and the Jewish Museum of Greece.

East Med partnership in US interest

The Eastern Mediterranean Partnership (EMP) of Israel, Cyprus, Greece and now also America has become a major guardian of US security interests at the intersection of three regions of international concern - the Middle East, the Balkans and North Africa. We know we can count on these three other EMP countries as they have tirelessly "had our back," a characteristic unique for that region.

US Senator Menendez outlines challenges, strategy for East Med partnership

"I have been a stalwart supporter of the deep American bonds with Greece, Cyprus, Israel and others in the region," US Senator Robert Menendez reiterated in the 15th Manuel Chrysoloras keynote speech on security cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean in Athens on Monday.

Apostolakis: US Senate East Mediterranean Security Act boosts Greece’s regional role

Defence Minister Evangelos Apostolakis, the former Chairman of Greece's Joint Chiefs of Staff, has welcomed the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act of 2019 as a move that confirms and upgrades Greece's strategic role in the broader region.