Israel–Hamas ceasefire

Blinken in Israel for talks on truce deal

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Israel on Wednesday, where he was expected to press for what he called an "essential" truce agreement as the war with Hamas entered its fifth month.

The diplomat was due to meet Israel's leaders as part of a Middle East crisis tour after earlier stops in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Qatar.

Hamas Contradicts Qatar's Ceasefire Claim Amidst Tense Negotiations

Amidst the intricacies of diplomatic negotiations, Qatar's revelation of a positive response from Hamas to a new ceasefire proposal in the Gaza Strip encounters a notable contradiction from the Palestinian movement. Despite Qatar's assertion of an initial positive confirmation, Hamas's political bureau describes the current status of negotiations as "zero."

Hamas gives 'initial positive confirmation' on truce plan: Qatar

Hamas has given "initial positive confirmation" to a proposal for the cessation of fighting in Gaza and the release of hostages, Qatar's foreign ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

U.S., Egyptian and Qatari mediators met with Israeli intelligence officials in Paris on Sunday where they proposed a six-week pause in the Gaza war and a hostage-prisoner exchange for Hamas to review.

21 Israeli troops are killed in the deadliest attack on the military since the Gaza offensive began

Israel has proposed a two-month cease-fire in which the hostages would be freed in exchange for the release of Palestinians imprisoned & top Hamas leaders in Gaza would be allowed to relocate to other countries

Israel Proposes Truce with Condition for Hamas Leaders' Safe Exit from Gaza

Israel has put forward an extensive ceasefire proposal to Hamas, introducing a conditional truce coupled with a staged plan for the release of hostages held in Gaza. CNN, citing US officials, reports that Israel suggests Hamas leaders leave Gaza safely, a condition intended to diminish the group's influence in the region.

Netanyahu Rejects Hamas' Terms as EU Prepares Peace Plan Amid Escalating Tensions

In a seismic development, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has emphatically rejected the terms presented by Hamas for ending the ongoing conflict, denouncing them as tantamount to his country "surrendering." The outspoken dismissal comes against the backdrop of thousands rallying in Tel Aviv, demanding a change of leadership and urging a negotiated deal for the release of host

Middle East dangers multiply

The Middle East is even more dangerous today than it was a few weeks ago. The war between Israel and Hamas has become a war of survival both for Israel and the Palestinians. The former needs to destroy Hamas and regain the deterrent power that it lost on October 7, whereas thousands of Palestinians are being killed and Gaza is being destroyed.