Israel–Hamas war

Residents Report Constant Explosions and Shooting near Rafah

Residents of Rafah in the Gaza Strip are reporting ongoing explosions and gunfire as fierce clashes continue in the area. Israeli tanks have nearly encircled the eastern part of the town, targeting what Israeli intelligence identifies as key Hamas strongholds. The intensifying Israeli offensive has prompted over 110,000 Palestinians to flee Rafah in recent days.

Israel hits Gaza after truce talks end

Israel launched fresh strikes in the Gaza Strip Friday after negotiators pursuing a long-stalled truce agreement left talks in Cairo without having secured a deal.

AFP journalists in the Gaza Strip early Friday witnessed artillery strikes on Rafah on the territory's southern border with Egypt, while witnesses reported air strikes and fighting in Gaza City further north.

US Warns Israel: Arms Deliveries Halted in Response to Military Operation

In a significant development that underscores growing tensions in the Middle East, President Joe Biden has issued a stern warning to Israel, announcing the halt of certain weapons deliveries if a military operation proceeds in the Palestinian territory of Rafah.

Erdoğan vows to hold Israel accountable for Gaza actions

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared that Türkiye will use all available means to hold Israel accountable for its actions in Gaza.

"We will use all our means to hold those who claimed the lives of 35,000 of our brothers accountable before the law," Erdoğan said during an event in the capital Ankara on May 6.

US campus protesters on 'right side of history,' say Turkish students

The support extended to Israel during the Gaza war has sparked widespread protests across U.S. universities, underscoring both the potency of student activism in influencing Washington's actions and its symbolic resonance in aligning with "the right side of history," Turkish students in the U.S. have expressed.

Hamas, Israel, entrench positions at Gaza truce talks

Talks to reach a Gaza truce were expected to resume Sunday after officials from the Hamas Islamist organisation and Israel publicly disagreed over demands to end their seven-month war.

While mediation took place in Egypt, the head of the U.N.'s World Food Programme said "there is famine" in northern Gaza, and appealed for a ceasefire.