Israel–Hamas war

Israeli strike kills Hezbollah commander in Lebanon

Israel killed a top commander of the Iran-backed Hezbollah group in a strike on south Lebanon, a security source told AFP Monday, adding to fears the conflict in Gaza could spread.

Hezbollah later announced the killing of a "commander" for the first time, naming him as Wissam Hassan Tawil. It said he died "on the road to Jerusalem" — the phrase used for fighters killed by Israel.

Former Israeli General: Gaza War Will Last At Least A Year

The war in Gaza will last at least a year. This was stated by Major General Amos Yadlin, former head of the Israeli Air Force who is close to senior active commanders.

He compared the operation in the Palestinian enclave to the international military campaign against Islamic State in 2017, which lasted nine months. But the situation in Gaza is much more challenging, Yadlin stressed.

Top US diplomat due in Israel for tough Gaza talks

Top U.S. diplomat Antony Blinken was due in Israel on Monday for difficult talks on the war in Gaza as fears grow that the conflict could engulf the wider region.

Speaking in Qatar on Sunday, Blinken said that Palestinians displaced by the now four-month-old war must be allowed to "return home", while warning that the violence could "easily metastasize" into a regional conflict.

Hezbollah, Israel trade cross-border fire as Blinken holds talks on Mideast

Israel and Lebanon-based Hezbollah traded fire Saturday in one of the heaviest days of cross-border fighting in recent weeks, a day after the militia's leader urged retaliation for the targeted killing, presumably by Israel, of a top Hamas leader in Lebanon's capital.