Israel–Hamas war

Israel ground forces and jets raid central Gaza

Israeli ground forces backed by fighter jets and drones carried out a night-time targeted raid in central Gaza Strip, the army said Friday, as it prepares for a land invasion.

"During the last day, IDF (Israel Defense Forces) ground forces, accompanied by IDF fighter jets and UAVs, conducted an additional targeted raid in the central Gaza Strip," the army said in a statement.

It was filmed from space; They destroyed them completely PHOTO/VIDEO

Aerial photographs show how devastated Gaza is after numerous airstrikes by Israeli forces.
According to the information so far, more than 6,500 people were killed in those attacks, and more than 2,700 children were among the dead.

The scale of destruction in the Gaza Strip as per Maxar satellite images.#GazaUnderSiege #Israel

"Dante's Inferno looks like a tea party"

"Imagine a hospital with 5,000 to 15,000 civilian refugees, overwhelmed with patients who need surgical care, and then the lights go out. I think you can imagine how difficult that is," he said.
According to him, dozens of people were seriously injured in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, while an incredible amount of stress sent pregnant women to premature birth.

Order issued: Americans, get ready for "a worst case scenario"

That scenario would mean the United States would have to evacuate hundreds of thousands of American nationals from the region.
This means that hundreds of thousands of American citizens would be evacuated from the region, of which about 600,000 are in Israel and Lebanon, the Washington Post said, citing as many as four officials involved in the development of that plan.

The Americans sent reinforcements; All-out attack? "We are ready"

Although there were unofficial announcements that about 50 hostages would be released, Hamas released only two elderly women.
Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant again addressed the soldiers near Gaza, repeating that Israel will launch a ground offensive against the enclave. He added that the troops were ready and that it would be a "deadly" attack.

Macron in Tel Aviv

USA panic stricken - they will attack us too; "Please, postpone ground invasion"

Washington has advised Israel to postpone the ground operation in the Gaza Strip in order to gain time to negotiate the release of 212 hostages held by Hamas, the media reported.
Also, as stated by the New York Times, which refers to U.S. officials, the goal of the delay was to provide greater aid to Palestinian civilians.