The sirens are "flaringly sounding": Israel launches airstrikes at Gaza VIDEO

They decided to intensify their strike after rocket attacks on Israel from the territory of Lebanon on Thursday.
"The Israeli army will not allow the terrorist organization Hamas to carry out operations from Lebanon, and we hold the state of Lebanon responsible for any attack that comes from its territory," the Israeli army said, Reuters reported.

Violence at Jerusalem mosque prompts fears of wider fighting

Israeli police stormed into the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Old City early Wednesday, firing stun grenades at Palestinian youths who hurled firecrackers at them in a burst of violence during a sensitive holiday season. Palestinian militants in Gaza responded with rocket fire on southern Israel, prompting repeated Israeli airstrikes.

Air Blockade in Israel until Netanyahu reverses Judicial Reform

The situation in Israel is getting more and more complicated. There will be no flights from Ben Gurion International Airport until further notice as part of a large-scale strike announced by the Labor Union on Monday morning to protest judicial reform. This was announced by the chairman of the Committee of Airport Authorities of Israel, Pinchas Idan, quoted by the Jerusalem Post.